Mrs. Ohio International                                         2017 $500.00


* Mrs. Only Discount if signed up prior to January 1st 2017-

 You can call us directly at the

(419)-261-7362  Gerri Walczak

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Areobic Wear-  Price coming soon    for 2017-

Note:  The aerobic wear will be the same as the  National Level.  This way you will be able to use the aerobic wear if you win for Nationals.   Teen and Miss only.

Jr. Miss Ohio International                                                    2017 $250.00

Non- Refundable

Ohio International Pageants

Ohio International entry fee:                                2017           $450.00

Miss and Teen Ohio International 

Non- Refundable

Program book pages are optional-  However, highly recommended

Ohio International Pageant  2017  Tickets

Additional logo Ad Fee for Program - Non refundable                  

         Contestants only discount:       1/2Page  $250     Full Page $500

Advertising companies:  1/2 Page $500  Full Page $1,000.00